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Little Troll Productions present

by Thorbjorn Egner
Translated by Pat Shaw

The story of Karius and Baktus is famous in many countries (from Iceland to Israel) around the world, where it has been used successfully for over 30 years to raise awareness among young children about the food they put in their mouth and about looking after their teeth properly. However, up until now this fame seems to have completely escaped the Anglo-Saxon world.

The play tells the story of the two little fellows, Karius and Baktus (named after caries and bacteria), who live in a tooth cavity and make life a misery for little Jack, the owner of the teeth. To begin with, Jack doesn't take care of his teeth and eats a lot of sweets, so Karius and Baktus thrive and dig deeper and bigger holes there, planning to move into Jack's mouth with their extended families. Later on when Jack's toothache becomes unbearable, he goes with his mum to the dentist, who fills in Jack's cavities and destroys Karius' & Baktus' homes .

The story is told with songs and pranks and the two little fellows manage to invoke very strong feelings from their young audience. Children love and loath Karius and Baktus, are scared of them and scared for them at the same time, and will never again regard their toothbrush in quite the same way as before.

The play is aimed at Key Stage 1 - children that have just started using a toothbrush on their own.

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